Genny Yosco - Owner of a theater which is an affordable safe haven for Indie artists

Genny Yosco

What is your name, age and where have you lived the the most years of your life?

Genny Yosco, 30, Brooklyn NY.

How do you see yourself?

I'm an actor, producer, writer, and director in NYC. I've produced and directed 67 shows in New York, 51 of which I've written. I also own a small theater venue in Brooklyn, two small dogs, and run five monthly shows.

How do you summarize yourself in a maximum of 4 words?

Funny, creative, smart, driven.



What are you most proud of in your life about yourself or what you did?

Creating a theater company that has been able to create and create and create, as well as own a theater venue known for being an affordable safe haven for indie artists.

What do you love doing in your sparetime?

Brunch with the friends! While I do shows with most of my friends, it's great to find time to hang out outside of rehearsal. I also create resin artwork when I'm feeling the need to have a quiet night in.

Which people are most important to you at the moment (can be anyone, family, friends, but also sources of inspiration that you do not know personally or a community)?

My community of performers that consistently bring such talent and many MANY good vibes to each show we do.

Can you tell us more about how you see and what you think about it?

I think it's a super unique project! Featuring real people in vibrant ways.

Get To Know More About Genny Yosco & Her Theater:

Theater company website:

Instagrams of interest:
@gennyyosco -main page
@sourgrapesproductions - main theater company page
@silent.but.deadly.mime - the first monthly show I created, no dialogue and a new sketch every
@chemical.x.improv - my second monthly show, an improv show based on The Powerpuff Girls - my third monthly show, an improv show based on the TV show
@addams.parody.improv - my fourth monthly show, an improv show based on The Addams
@joke.and.dagger - my fifth monthly show, a live action improvised Dungeons and Dragons