Body Shaming & Body Acceptance: How To Love Your Body

Body shaming and beauty is already for a very long time a hot topic amongst human beings in all cultures. Not everyone, but most of us have a part of our body we are less content with. Since decades plastic surgery became available to the majority to perfect the body.

This post is not to tell you how to live nor about what is good or bad. It is an observation and a glimps of my perception on what I see and what I am aware of in this (Western) society.

After reading this, you probably start to love your body instantly :).

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Since there are so many different people in each Western country we all have very different looks on our body, what is beauty is and what is not. We are influenced by many factors like media, friends and relatives which create our view on beauty.

Next to the fact we we all look different, you have a different body. Even when you are a twin, you have a different body. So can you imagine how many types of body's there are in the world?

Body and health differences

In many ancient cultures there are whole systems build upon the differences of body's and how to heal. For instance traditional Chinese Medicine or Ayurveda from India. These system have ways to categorize types of body's, not to make fun of someone but to find out what will the best remedy for the type of body you have in combination with very complex systems. Different techniques and systems are being used as a way to measure the body in order to find out how to heal, not to judge on your body type. When these systems are being misinterpreted, body discrimination and so body shaming takes place instead of using this information as a tool to find out on how to be at service for someone who wants to heal.

These systems can even find out what the reason is for having craving for certain foods. Also with these incredibly advanced systems for the time they were invented, you can prevent yourself from sickness and diseases.

With the right mindset you can reach a just a completely different level to find out what it actually means to be a human being. Rather than showing off you body on the beach (I don't say it is wrong) your body is just way more than a vehicle you can pimp. If you do, it won't even come up in your mind what is ever possible as a human being with the help of your body. And so we seek for external tools for may things that is possible already with our own body.

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Gender and body differences

We all know women have a different body than men and the other way around. We all want to be good in everything in this society which makes us sometime feel our body is not capable of something the other sex is doing naturally.

In the meanwhile we proved women body's are capable or doing physically heavy work and that men are capable of raising children in a very good way. Instead of appreciating it we start to compare apples with oranges. And when you compare apples with oranges, you need to fight a battle that is impossible to win.

When you compare apples with oranges it comes to the point you need to find external concepts to build a bridge for making sure there are only similarities between apples and oranges. So in that case, not only when one gender wants to be able doing something the other gender wants this as well, but it is even  expected. And if you don't want it like the rest, you will feel like it is being forced upon you and you have no way you can stand up for yourself to not want it. People might think you are lazy or just a party pooper. Because when one gender is doing so, you should be able to do it as well.

Like the soccer coach Johan Cruijf always says: "Every advantage has its disadvantage" (which also became serious saying in the meanwhile, while people started to repeat him as a joke).

Lots of love to everyone.

Written by Charis Felice for Slutster Project