Monica Owens "You Can Do Anything You Set Ya Mind To Do!”

Monica Owens

What is your name, age and where have you lived the the most years of your life?

My name is Monica Helene Owens and I’ve been residing in Gainesville, Florida

How do you see yourself?

I see myself as an entrepreneur trying to find my way. Trying to positively influence others while making new pathways that no one else has taken yet.

How do you summarize yourself in a maximum of 4 words?

Loner, skeptic, generous, bitch

If there would be a label in the Tshirt with your portrait on it, would it be the same 4 words?

No it would be. “Heart On My Sleeve !”



What are you most proud of in your life about yourself or what you did?

My most proudest achievements is being granted patents for my invention, The Stimulating Pacifier. Also writing and publishing several books and poem.


Monica Owens - The Stimulating PacifierMonica Owens - The Stimulating Pacifier

Monica Owens invention: "The Stimulating Pacifier"

More info at:


What do you love doing in your sparetime?

My spare time I love spending time, hanging out with my family , my kids especially.

Which people are most important to you at the moment (can be anyone, family, friends, but also sources of inspiration that you do not know personally or a community)?

Our newly elected sheriff Clovis Watson Jr. here in Gainesville, Florida. He’s the blueprint of a saying my late grandmother instilled in me growing up, “You Can Do Anything You Set Ya Mind To Do!” After all these years the historic election of Sheriff Watson Jr. became the first Black elected Sheriff in this town!

Can you tell us more about how you see and what you think about it?

I think is Awesome! I hope their brand blows up, reach new heights and be around for years to com.