Artwork “Rise” in Dubai Hilton Jumeirah UAE Beach Hotel

Charis Felice Odor exhibits her painting “Rise” from September 19, 2023 at Hilton Dubai Jumeirah UAE Beach hotel. 

Charis' painting called "Rise" can be visited at the hotel for a month. The exhibition is accessible to everyone who visits the Hilton hotel as a traveler or simply, for a cup of coffee.
The painting "Rise" is a response to the modern interpretation of success. What kind of long-term impact do the results of these successes have for humanity? Without passing judgment, artist Charis depicts the reciprocity of success in her painting and by exhibiting it to the public. In this way Charis questions whether success can result in more than a seduction aimed at ideals whose outcome for all humanity is not yet clear.
While studying at art school, Charis became inspired by the art of Jeff Koons and the collaborations in the art projects of Christo and Jean Claude.
Starting in 2014, Charis creates works focused on commerce. The works are almost indistinguishable from products. Yet Charis' artworks are not all for sale including her paintings that are part of her "Temptation series."

The exhibited artwork "Rise" which will be on display in Dubai is also not for sale. In fact, the painting is one of the works from the aforementioned Temptation series. The series consists of a series of acrylic paintings of a mobile and yet very easy to carry A4 size.
As a child, Charis makes drawings, paintings,sculptures and music. Charis graduates in 2005 as a multimedia designer. In 2014 she graduates from the art academy. Charis calls herself consciousness artist because in her works she explores what it actually means to be human. Charis' work is often focused on connecting humans with their internal and external environment.
The artist previously exhibited this year at the Hilton hotel in Paris in France and at the Pullman hotel in Munich in Germany. The exhibitions were made possible in part by Bubble Art Projects.