3 Reasons Why You Should Do It: Your FREE MERCH made for you, just sit and watch!

1. Your Free Custom Portrait Made By A Professional Artist

If you share anyone else portrait T-shirts from our webshop to your social media channels, you will be able to get a free portrait of yourself. Interested? Click on the pink "honor" button below.

Your portrait (made by an artist) will be shared online and offline on our T-shirts and accessories for fun, free fame or promotion.

You can also add an interview to our website so people know who they are wearing on their T-shirt. When they choose to buy your T-shirt they can choose to read your interview. Let us know when you order your free selfie portrait.

2. The Most Creative Way Of Promoting Yourself And Your Work

While your selfie portrait is being drawn by a professional artist, it will get also the exposure you like. So whether this is a spontanious visit to our website or you are searching for a serious way to promote your work, this is what you are looking for.

3. Incredibly Unique (Registered) Concept Triggers Positive Vibes

Whether you are someone who likes to wear a fun t-shirt this is your chance to go big! Make your friends laugh with this one and the whole world laughs together with your!

When you are an actor, creative professional or a musician searching for creative merchandise and promotion, this is your chance to promote yourself without doing the promotion work all by yourself.

For team building, gaming company's or dating agency's our concept could be a new way to match people: Throw a bunch of our T-shirts in a big tub. Let everyone pick a T-shirt and let people find out who is wearing their portrait. 


So let's do it: click he honor button to share, send your selfie and we do the rest!